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Because anything that makes us talk about bowel cancer is worth doing. Each step taken will remember and celebrate those who were Beautiful, Brave, and Strong. May we feel them with us in the sand and sea air.


Name Amount Message
blah test $12
Claire Krawczyk $40 Amazing Tor. Well done on raising awareness hun ???????? Xxx Claire ????
Catherine Hamilton $50 Well done Tor, you’re amazing!
Stella Chubb $100 You my friend, are beautiful, brave and strong. What a way to honour Lou’s legacy! Feet up and time for a wine! Love the Chubb’s.
Ilvanna Mittiga $20 You are amazing Tor! Such a great cause xx
Jack & Nicole Chataway $50 You’re an inspiration Tor! Love ya guts xxx
Corrin Bald $40 Walk… Forrest…. Walk!! Have an amazing time, what you’re doing is wonderful. Lots of love xx
Jake & Maddi Papantoniou $50 Good luck for the walk Tor! You are such an inspiration xxx
Kate Johnson $50 Good luck Tor x
Colleen Andrew $150 Create havoc - who cares! Life's too short eh! Love you xxx
Anonymous $50 Great way to remember and honour Lou... xo
Lisa Clark $25 Great job Tor.. ❤️????
Nicole Carey $40 Well done Tor!
K & J Sochacki $40 Great job Tor
Kerrie Robertson $25
Jane Fox $45 Good luck Tor ????
Isabel Mansfield $50
Chris Catalano $50 Good luck Tor, your an inspiration. Love the Catalano's
Jenny Fitch $40 Go Tor!! Have a great walk for a great cause xo
Melissa Wyness $100 You're amazing Tor. Sending you biggest love xx
Bec Dahl $40 Amazing work Tor for an amazing cause x
Karla Pickett $100 Lots of love to you Tor xxx
Blayne Cornford $100 You are amazing xx
Naomi Excell $25 Amazing thing to do, well done ladies ????
Anonymous $100


Name Total
Victoria Richardson $675