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Name Amount Message
Chris Wojtkowiak $50
Collette Ordish $50 Well done Tania and the FPE team! Amazing effort for a great cause x
Dee Medway $25 Amazing job Jo and Geoff!!! You’re both incredible and I hope you enjoyed the experience (and that the ailments heal quickly!).
Bernadette Vincent $120 Great work Jo. Donating in memory of my mum Xx
Catherine Sayer $100 Well done Tania and team FPE! X
AIF $500 Great cause! Good luck and hopefully the prep will help!! From the team at AIF.
Family Member. $25 All the Best to you, Jacki and Well Done to you.
Jo-Anne Ragless $25 Fantastic effort.
Jacqui Gilligan $40 Amazing stuff, Nugent’s!! So wonderful to be doing this together too. Good luck!
Jessica Argent $40 Amazing work Geoff!
D C Norris & Company Ltd $500 Sorry its late guys, best wishes to all taking part from FPE. From the team at DCN.
Tracey Graham $50 You go girlfriend.
Primo Foods $100 Great work Tania and team FPE
Meg Gowen $25 Good luck ladies!! X
Luke Rodighiero $25 Good luck!
Sharna Tye $80 Proud to be doing this walk by your side again! Let’s smash it mum ❤️
Alycia Wood $40
Natalie Ambrosini $40 Congratulations jo and Geoff - I admire your hard work and efforts for such a great cause. Happy trekking!
Leonie Anderson $25 Go Jackie!!
Sophie Eberhard $50 Good luck!!!!
Jodie Blight $20 Have a great walk ladies
Colette Truman $20 Go Sharna & Smash the Walk. Good luck
Vonnie Wood $50 You’re amazing! Sending you all the best of luck ❤️
Andrew Westlake $120 Good luck Tania, I know you will power through.
Simon Freer $25 Good luck Sharna. ????
Sheena Tomczyk $25 Go you!
Megan Curtis $15 go smash it ????
Rachel Eberhard $40 Well Done Sharna and Kylie. Go well and best of luck for the trek. Brett & Rachel
Georgia Woolley $40 Go Sharna! X
Mike Butcher $70 Keep the rain ahead of you and the wind behind you. Mum and Well done Andrew - Auntie Aileen
Natalie Minett $50 Good luck x
Reannan Richards $50
Ultra tune $100 Well done Banana
M. Wright Hotel Refrigeration $50 You're amazing
Brianna Farmer $40 Get it ladies!!! ???????? ????????????
Michael Tye $40
Joan & Gary Tye $20 Have fun????????
Joan & Gary Tye $20 Have fun & enjoy the walk????
Victoria McClurg $100 You're one incredible woman Tania. Power on xx
Projecteze $100 Jac and Craig, we think you are amazing! Best of luck - we know your special Angel Wes will be cheering you on all the way ( & it’s a very long way????‍♀️)! We love you ????
Julie Wells $40 Just do it ????????????awesome work !!
Tamika & dan Harpur $20 We are right behind you with positive thoughts ????
Sheree Milner $100 Well done Nuggets! Enjoy the stroll x
Rebecca Simmonds $40 Love you both. Thinking of you. Best wishes for next week! ????
Sam Charalambous $50 Best of Luck FPE Team from NAB. Sam Chara
Katie Bauer $50 Good luck Tania, Andrew and Team. Katie Bauer - NAB
Sandy Wilson $20 Go walk your little tooshie off....Banana xxx
Jennifer StevensHofer $25 All the best !
Amanda Bestt $25 Good luck Kylie and Sharna x
Colin Morrison $100 Good luck Team FPE !
Kathy Booth $25 Great work Jacki Good luck with the walk
Gail Martin $25 A great cause. Good on you xx
Kellie banks $25 Will be thinking of you Jack! Lots of love from us x
Melissa Rudgley $50 Let’s find a cure!!! Good luck guys x
jade nayda $10 Goodluck ladies ☺️
McGilvery Family $50
Stuart Hincksman $200 Good luck Kylie
Tober Solito $25 Goodluck awesome mummy x
Tober Solito $25 Goodluck to you both xx
Meagan and Reece Johnson $40 Go well B2! You and your Mumma are an inspiration! X
Megan Smart $10 Go Sharna!! ❤️
Kasey Welch $10 good luck ❤️❤️
Sue Barry $20 Go Team Tye
Brendan Truman $25
Marc Williams $20 Enjoy.
Gary Bourne $101 All the best and right you are
Jamie Macdonald $25 Walk them ks with pride mate great cause
Angela Fletcher $50
BakerTilly Waikato $285
Elise Winter $200 Have fun!!!
Catherine Sayer $100 Go Tania! X
Stone Family Stone Family $50 Make sure you cross the line before Mr Nugent :-) Don't wait for him
Stone Family Stone Family $50 Go hard Nugget :-)
Anonymous $40
Kate Suna $50 Go Team!
Kate Ulmer $50 ❤️❤️
Kristy Martin $100 We know how important this event and charity is to you Tania. Keep on smashing it, Trace is with you all the way xx
Ryan Upenieks $50 Smash it out Sharna!
Kerri Truman $40
Beryl Hunt $25 Go do it Girl ❤️
Jordan O’RILEY $50 Keep being amazing x
FPE $50 Good luck, I know you will smash it.
Derek Hogg $50 Great Effort Kylie.
Tracy Daley $25 Good on You all????
Jodie & greg Tweed $40 Good luck guys! Such a great cause xx
Tanya Bailey $101 Go Nugents!! Love Tan & Ant xx
Phyllis Truman $25 So proud of your efforts, enjoy yourself. Love Nan & Pop xx
Phyllis Truman $25 So proud of you. love Mum & dad xx
Andrew Russo $50
Kent Nicolls $50 ????
Kylie Marston $40 Supporting such an amazing cause.. you are both amazing and wishing you all the best… legends
Rochelle Manderson $50 Woohoo go Jo & Geoff - enjoy & great work ????
Pamela Annand $50
Kylie Carrett $100 All the best Geoff with the trek! Raising awareness for this charity is something very close to our hearts. Kylie & Rod
Kwasi $150 All the best Tania and Team! Keep up the amazing work. Love and support, the team at Kwasi XO
Jennifer Burns $120 Wishing you all the best again this year, Jacki and Craig. Love Jen & Pete x
LHR Engineering $200 Hey guys, Love the cause - good luck with your walk xx Amber & Darren
Ron Perrau $100 Craig and Jacki, so proud of you, for doing this again. Great cause, love Dad.x
John &Wendy Bourne $100 Craig and Jacki, We are so proud that you are hiking again, for such a great cause. We are behind you the whole way.. #wesforever56
Sally & Danielle Menadue $40 You and your mum are such inspirational people. Keep up the great work. Walk on.
Chantal O’riley $5 You should be very proud of yourself and your doing an amazing thing. Xx
Beryl Hunt $25
Cheryl Grice $25 Always in our hearts Wes Bourne X Well done Jacki and Craig xa
Blackbird IT $200 Hi Kylie, all the best in the TREK. We love your work. The Blackbird IT Team :)
Jim’s Asbestos $25
Janet Oddy $40 Two amazing family members. Go Kylie and Sharna ❤️
Tim Snelling $25 Gooooooooooooooo Kylie!!!!!!
Amelia Annand $200 Amazing work Craig and Jacki! Lots of Love from Uncle Brush, Aunty Cheryl, Dean and Amelia xx
Scott Marlow $25 Walk on...
John Coughlan $100 Good luck with the adventure
Ashleigh Kennewell $50 Wes would be so proud xx
Natalie Minett $40 You go girl ???????? Good luck xx
Ashlee Viro $10 All the best Kylie!
Anonymous $25 Wes would be so proud again . Can't wait to see pictures and hear about the adventure. Xx
M C Herd Pty Ltd $1,000
Meagan & Reece Johnson $40 You ladies are amazing and love a good challenge! Good luck and enjoy! Go well B1 and B2 (Reece said that ????) !
Linda Walker $50 Good luck
Andrew Butcher $15 Good Luck
Deb Watsons $50 Good on you Kylie
Michael Tye $20
Tony Williams $40 Nice work Handsome ???? Great Cause ..
Zane Perrau $40
Di and Steve King $100 Legends! Loads of love xo
Brodie Spencer $25 Love your work
Sonia Daniel $50 You are amazing Such a great thing you are doing Good luck
Sonia Daniel $50 So proud of you, You are amazing
Emma Martin $50 You’re amazing Tan. I wish you all the love and strength in the world ❤️.
U+me=fit $1,000 Wishing you good luck for the event Tan, and we will be a last minute entry for the event
Sheree Milner $100 Well done Nugents. Enjoy the stroll :)
Brisbane Mortgage Broking Pty Ltd $500 Mortgage Choice is proud to support this wonderful foundation and the amazing work they do in seeking to raise awareness of the symptoms of bowel cancer. Acting quickly when you first notice symptoms is the key because detected early, 99% of bowel cancer cases can be successfully treated or even prevented to save the lives of those we love.
Lois Milner $50 Go like a racehorse Geoff. Great cause…thank you for your commitment.
Cameron Henry $150 Well done Geoff. Good cause, Look forward to the photos ????
Ben & Karli Odgers $100 Well done Ge’off
Tegan Simpson $25 Good on you Geoff - such a great cause!
FPE $25 Can't wait to help support the JLF and do the Trek with fellow FPEers!
Kylie Tye $25 I am so proud that you are doing this again with me. Great effort xx
Marc Williams $25 Great stuff Andy. Good luck from Jasmine, April and Marc
Gordon Millar $50 Good luck Tania!!
Gordon Millar $50 Good luck Andrew!!
Fracht Australia (SA) Pty. Ltd. $50 Good luck Kylie!!
Jane Leivesley $25 ???????? Great stuff guys!
Bev Edith Stevens $25 A great cause Jacki and Craig, I hope you do well. God Bless Edie ????????
Bev Edith Stevens $25 A great cause Jacki and Craig, I hope you do well. God Bless Edie ????????
Glenis Galpin $50 Good luck!! ????????
Sammi colenso-wallace $88 Doing for the sisters ????‍♀️ ❤️ You x You are Amazing in every ascpect x
Lowe’s Meat Co. Mt Barker $100 Thank you Tania for your inspirational leadership in continuing to heighten the awareness of this very important health matter. You’ve got this!
Jodi Petherick $50 Thank you, God bless you xxx
Jodi Petherick $50 Thank you, God bless you xxx
Jodi Petherick $50 Thank you, God bless you xxx
Kelly Clemente $25 All the best Tania. Love and hugs xo
Samantha Schroeder $50 Much love as always friend ????
Nick Dutton $50 You are amazing….good luck!
Josh Barrey $20
Emma Richards $20 You’ve got this Tan! Love you so much.
Elizabeth Sexton $50 Go you good thing! Trace would be so proud of everything you do for this great cause
Wayne Barclay $100 Great effort so far Tania, keep up the good work


Name Total
Tania Carey $2,413
Jacki Perrau $1,245
Sharna Tye $1,140
Kylie Tye $1,110
Joanne Nugent $925