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At 29, our brother was diagnosed with bowel cancer, under went surgery and then had 6 months of chemo. With no family history, it had never been something we had worried about, but witnessing a friends journey, sparked some concern for him and he got checked out. We’re thankful he did. Exactly two years after his surgery, he’s walking with us to raise awareness about preventing bowel cancer. By sharing his story, we hope to help others understand the signs to look out for so that they too can get back to living healthy, happy lives.


Name Amount Message
Thi Thanh Tam Nguyen $40 All the best!
Sandy Keller $50 Congratulations-what a great achievement for a very worthy cause.
Chantelle Di Biase $20 Well done guys!
Mary Pickett $50 Great cause - well done!!
BELINDA CARUANA $10 Well done!! ????????????????
Tess Gilbert $20 Well done team!
Amy Ravenscroft $25 Great effort!
Kate Cassidy $280 Great cause!
Victoria Gregory $50 Great Job Aunty Bec! Love Jordy & Darcy x
Kim Williams $40 What a family! You guys are amazing!!
Kelly Hill $25 Great work Bec!
Eliza Conolan $25
Warisa King $50 Well done Bec. Thank you for the check up reminder!
Sirelle Mollison $40 Bloody champions! Much love
Antonella Zito $50 Well done Bec, this is something close to my heart.
Amy Wells $25 Hope you had the best day :)
Trish Adams $25 Great job legend x
Maria D’Aloia $25 Great effort
Sophia Piasente $15 Well done Bec, great achievement!
Jessica Ffrench-Ainslie $40 Such an athlete
Elle Rayson $25 Super effort!!
Rita Campbell $25 Woohoo! So glad you could do this together. Burn baby burn ????
Sarah & Aidan Hall $40 Sorry we are a little late. Just wanted to make sure you actually survived the walk first! ???? Well done guys. Fork cancer.
Casey and Nick McCann $50 Nora says good work Samuel!
Alice Pannunzio $40 Well done Jo!
Jane Harbard $50 Love you Samuel. Go You Hackies Go!
Anonymous $40 Keep your nose to the wind!
Leanne Oeschger $50
Kathryn Mason $50
Sarah Schonfeldt $40
Nathan Newstead $100 We know you’ll smash it, tread lightly! Love Nathan,Blair and dusty xx
The Walter’s $30
Nikki Pridham $50 Love ya Samuel!
Dan Nixson $50 Go Sarah and team hope all goes well ! Wear sturdy trainers ????
East End Flower Market $200 Awesome work Samuel!
Brianna Maddock $40
Barbara Turner $25 Go team!
Katie Ramazan $25 Good luck amazing family and enjoy it! Love the Ramazan’s XO
Linda Newstead $55 Well done. What a great family team you are. Enjoy the trek.
Samantha Beardsell $25 This cause is very close to my heart having lost my brother in law to aggressive bowel cancer 18 months ago. I wish you all a safe journey, and good health to everyone XO
Imogen Koch $50 Yeah Boy! Well done Samuel.
Michelle Wooldridge $25 Good luck to you all!!
Zac Pleic $5
Neil & Pat Cobb $50 Well done Sam.
SuperTribe Consulting $50 Supporting you with however you choose to get time out away from Dale ???? Joking..... this is so great guys, awesome effort!
Ann and Michael Dahl $40 Well done all!
Anita Carlton $25
Kelly Chapman $25
Vanetta Renfrey $40 Good luck for the trek. Well done for supporting such a great cause.
Rebecca Newstead $25 Go Sarah and family!! Best wishes Bexi and gang xxxx
Trudy Mossop $50
Alana Walker $50 Go team! So proud of you all xx
Lisa Nussio $25
Kate Codrington $25 Well done Sarah! Such an amazing thing you are all doing for such a great cause!! Good luck! Xxx
Jorgia Ellbourn $20
Grace Plunkett $10
Rosie Kind $25
Cameron Fleming $5
Hannah Edwards $30
Jessica Hirschausen $50 Well done Bec - huge effort for an excellent cause!
Cathy O'Dea $40 Well done Bec! ????
Ashleigh Glynn $30 All the best Sam!
Deidre Dunne $50 Great Team Hakendorf effort. ????
Nicholas Cook $20
Michael Hakendorf $25 So proud of you
Michael Hakendorf $25 So proud of you!
Michael Hakendorf $25 So proud of you!
Anonymous $50
Michael Hakendorf $25 So proud of you buddy!
Chris Adams $50 Go well Hakendorf family. Our support goes with you.
Lisa Greene $25 Smash it Keller ❤️
Kirsty Faulder $100 Sam this makes up for the pencil case incident right? Big love to you and your fam on the trek!
Scott Kavanagh $50 You’re a goodman
William Killey $100 Good onya Samuel and Sisters. A great cause.
Daniel Gray $25 Samuel, great work. Best of luck, Samuel. Samuel ????
Josh Fitzpatrick $100 Good luck SAMUEL
Lewis Dalby $20
James Killey $25 Yeee boiiiii
Bec Dahl $40 Go well team - an important cause!
Ella Hocking $50 Hopefully you don’t get any blisters xx
Lynne Taberner $40 Happy trekking Hakendorfinators!!
Anna and Nigel Woolley $30 We are so happy to know you're doing well Samuel ....Enjoy the walk xx
Margaret McCallum $50 Well done Samuel, so proud of you xxx
Margaret McCallum $50 Well done Sez, so proud of you xxx
Margaret McCallum $50 Well done Bec, so proud of you xxxx
Margaret McCallum $50 Good luck Jo, so proud of you xxx
Darryl Mayger $120 Dear Sarah, We will have you in our prayers as you undertake this lovely demonstration of support. We know you can do it! Wear good shoes ???? Best wishes Myra and Darryl
Nicola Sander $40 Good luck team!! You’ve got this ????????
Amy Young $100 How does Lachie have so much money?
Sue and Geoff Hallion $25 Go well Hakendorfinators.
Nina Di Santo $50 Fantastic work!! Love the team name. Bring on the blisters!! ????????????‍♀️????‍♂️????????
Lachlan Hocking $100 Good Luck Mum! Love you!


Name Total
Sam Hakendorf $1,290
Rebecca Keller $815
Joanna Hocking $635
Sarah Newstead $600